Family business Cuno Moormann: A rich history...


The beginning

It was on 2 December 1959 that Cuno Moormann, along with his wife, started a poultry shop for game and poultry. While initially private sales were the main objective, later the catering industry and institutions became customers. The group of clients grew steadily through the whole of the Netherlands.


Business premises

In the mid-1970's, Cuno purchased a lot in the local industrial estate. In 1976 he laid the first stone of the business premises that would become the supply point for the shop and other buyers.


Next generation

Jeroen Moormann, the current director, has always been involved in the business. As a 15-year old boy he learned the trade from his father Cuno Moormann. Cuno was a trendsetter in his profession, as well as a teacher at the Dutch Association of Poulterers.

In 2000, Jeroen Moormann became director and principal shareholder. In the same year, the premises doubled in size due to rebuilding. This marks the growth that has always been continuing autonomously and is realized through the expansion of the product range.



In 2001 we decided to no longer deliver directly to private clients, the catering industry and institutions. It was becoming increasingly difficult to guarantee an optimum distribution service. That was one of the reasons why we concentrated on the special products and no longer on a wide range. In the same year, the shop, where it all started was sold to two staff members.


Reliable suppliers

About nine years ago we stopped buying whole carcasses of game. Meat from big game is now obtained from a number of established suppliers. It goes without saying that the same stringent quality requirements apply. The number of staff has grown over the past ten years from three to thirty permanent employees. We have experienced a growth in scale that means we can continue to supply top quality niche products that meet the requirements of the day.



Of course, the same strict quality requirements still apply and growth continues. In the last ten years, the workforce has increased from three to fifty permanent employees. We have undergone an increase in scale in such a way that we continue to deliver top-quality niche products that meet the requirements of time.