The most sustainable meat

Cuno Moormann is since many year well known for its organic products. We can supply:

  • Fresh products
  • Frozen products
  • Cold cuts and slicerolls
  • Convenience products

Products with a leaf are also available as organic

Your advantage

  • Customized products, always from the best raw materials
  • Excellent price-quality ratio
  • Many possibilities in product development and innovativeness through many year of experience
  • Different options in packaging
  • Also in private label
Beter Leven Bio certificering BRC Food certificated

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Our organic products

Map symbology: Also in organic Fresh and handcut Frozen

Organic chicken

Our assortment fresh organic chicken:

Organic chicken thighmeat

Organic chickenbreast

Organic chicken drumstick

Organic chicken wings

Organic turkey

Our assortment fresh organic turkey:

Organic turkey breast

Organic turkey thigh meat

Organic cold cuts

Our assortiment organic cold cuts:

Organic chickenbreast grilled

Organic chickenbreast smoked

Organic chickenbreast grilled Pesto

Organic turkey pastrami

Organic chicken grill sausage