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Hot smoked tame

Our assortment hot smoked specialties:

Smoked chickenbreast

Skin on and skinless

Smoked chickenbreast half

Uncut or in 6mm
Vacuum or topseal

Smoked chickenbreast strips/cubes

vacuum or topseal

Smoked chicken roulade

Skin on

Smoked turkeybreast

Skin on and skinless

Smoked chickenbreast sliceroll

Smoked chicken sliceroll

Round / oval

Smoked lambham

Smoked duckbreast

Skin on

Smoked duck roulade

Skin on

Smoked goosebreast

Skin on

Hot smoked game

Our assortment hot smoked game specialties:

Smoked roe deer haunch

Smoked roe deer ham

Smoked red deer ham

Smoked roulade

Red deer or Wild boar

Smoked wild boar ham

Cold smoked

Our assortment cold smoked specialties:

Cold smoked duckbreast

Skin on

Air dried

Our assortment air dried specialties:

Air dried roe deer ham

Air dried red deer ham

Air dried wild boar ham

Air dried wild boar coppa

Air dried wild boar ham


Sliced cold cuts

Our assortment sliced cold cuts, custom packed:

Sliced cold cuts

Sliced chickenbreast
Sliced chickenroll
Sliced turkeybreast
Sliced duckbreast
Sliced venison ham
Sliced wild boar ham
Sliced lamb ham


Our assortment ready-to-eat goulash:

Red deer goulash

Ready to eat

Hare stew

Ready to eat

Confit & sousvide

Our assortment confit and sous-vide specialties:

Confit and sousvide



Our assortment pulled specialties:


Pulled chicken
Pulled pork
Pulled beef
Pulled turkey


Our assortment grill specialties:

Traditional grilled chickenroll